1. Destiny Grimes
    Owner @beauty.bar___ @shopbthree @destiny.storm___
  2. Heather Kroll
    Salon Manager Airbrush Tan Technician & Teeth Whitening Technician call/text 209-535-0020 and request Heather to book.
  3. Cassie Kroll
    Boutique Manager Boutique Photographer @capturedby.cass
  4. Alondra
    Hair Color, Women's Cuts, Hair Styles, Hair Treatments, Blowouts, Manicures, Pedicures call/text 209-535-0020 and request Alondra to book.
  5. Priscilla G
    Hair Color, Women's Cuts, Men's Cuts, Blowouts, Hair Styles, Hair Treatments call/text 209-535-0020 and request Priscilla to book.
  6. Felicia
    Acrylics, Powder Dip Nails, Shellac Manicures, Pedicures call/text 209-535-0020 and request Felicia to book.
  1. Caylin
    Hairstylist call/text 209-566-6751 to book
  2. Melissa
    Nail Technician text 209-535-1795 to book
  3. Priscila S
    Certified Lash Artist, Chemical Peels, Facial Waxing call/text 209-652-9750 to book.
  4. Andrea
    Facials, Microdermabrasions, Skin Treatments, & Facial Waxing call/text 209-535-0020 and request Andrea to book.
  5. Ari
    Nail Technician text 209-201-4779 @beautybar.ari
  6. Allison
    Hairstylist text 209-535-2491or 209-648-1076 @beautybar.allison
  7. Maria F
    Hairstylist call/text 209-499-3580
  8. Ramona
    Hairstylist 209-737-8488 @beautybar.ramona